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One warm autumn day in 2004, our dream of having our own business came true. Helene Nyrell and Susan Engvall – neighbours, and mums of small children – were sitting at the kitchen table at home in Barsebäck in Sweden. Full of passion, resolution and courage, they simply decided: let's do it! me&i's journey had begun. Several years later, the same passion, commitment and love of clothes still drive the company forward. Our fantastic team of sales consultants is at the helm these days. Do you too have that energy and entrepreneurial spirit? Join us on our journey. Go ahead – do it!

Our clothing for kids and adults is well known, much loved and produced sustainably. As a sales consultant, you present and sell our collections at me&i parties in the homes of hostesses or through 121 appointments. We value entrepreneurial spirit and commitment more highly than previous sales experience.
All new sales consultants are charged £100 to hire their presentation collections plus postage (Total value approx. £3000).

Getting started is quick, straightforward and easy. Here's how.

  1. You've decided. You're ready for something new – and me&i is right for you! Great! So send us your details right here on the website.
  2. We'll get back to you, and later we'll have an informal chat on the phone.
  3. And we agree. You're the right person for us. Now you can look forward to your training and coaching, and receiving your presentation collections.
  4. Tell the world you're now a me&i sales consultant. Book your parties. And have fun!

EN - Seller


A taste of what we offer.

  • Decide your own hours. As a parent of young children or a busy career person you can tailor your game plan to your situation. We know how it is.
  • Determine your own income. You get at least 20% commission, with cash in your account from your very first sale.
  • You get a discount on your own purchases and chances to win unique me&i products.

  • We've been doing this for a long time, and we know what works. You can have confidence in our concept, our organisation and our know-how.
  • You'll get all the training you need to feel ready to start.
  • Coaches, mentors and sales colleagues are here to give you the tips, advice and support you need.
  • You can be proud of our products. Our clothes carry the OEKO-TEX mark, so they're totally safe for you and your children. Plus, they're produced responsibly in Portugal and Turkey to our high standards for great working conditions for the factories' employees.

  • Set your inner entrepreneur free today. Let me&i be the springboard for your career.
  • Having more money in your pocket gives you the opportunity to explore and realise your own dreams.
  • Enjoy your job, make friends for life whilst earning money.
  • Come and meet your colleagues at our popular events, kick-offs and trips for our sales consultants.

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